Thursday, August 31, 2006


i don't know
what you think
of me but whatever
it is you think of me
it's wrong. and if you
don't think of me
think of me like you
don't think of me
think about it

Trigger happy

if you're happy
despite the state
of the world
we live in
you deserve
to be unhappy
how can you
be happy when
so many people
are unhappy
which begs
the question
how can you
be unhappy
when so many
people aren't

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Writing questions

often, when people
tell me i write well
i ask myself
am i a writer?
why am i a writer?
why, am i a writer?
why, am i not a writer?
why am i not a writer?
i must be a writer

Past matters

when people ask me
to do all kinds of things
they think i enjoyed
i always wonder
are they doing it
because they think
i not good at doing
the thing i most enjoy?

Love post the cards

love you
not only because
we both love Matisse
but because you're
the only girl for me
love you for everything
and for more than
i can ever love you for
can't wait to go
to all the places
you have sent me
from the places
you were in

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


it takes pride
to be proud
of what you are
to revel in
what you are
and not care for
what people
think you are
you have to be
full of yourself
to let go of
yourself and
let yourself go

No thanks

there are
so many
i'd like to
thank you for
i have no idea
what i want to
thank you for
so thanks
for nothing


discipline is
forcing yourself
to do it knowing
fully well there's
no point doing it


the problem
with thinking
it's the thought
that counts
the problem
with thinking
doesn't count

Light meter

when i
close my eyes
the lights go out
my eyes light up
thinking of you
good night darkness

Monday, August 28, 2006


is it better
not to have
the guts
to do anything
than have the guts
to do something?
when you have
the guts to do
you might
do something
and we all know
how much harm
doing anything
can end up doing

Baby talks

me no
talk wrong
you talk wrong
you like follow
you like rules
you big slaves
i proud baby


this old life
nowhere to go
time to stop

Fucking God

if God had any brains
he wouldn't have
given anyone tits
and everyone brains
obviously God
has nice tits

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fucking Tits

if God had any brains
he would have given
everyone nice tits
instead of brains
obviously, God
has nice tits

Want knot

when you want
all the things
you can't have
it's best to not
want all the things
you can't have


the tragedy
of being so sensitive
is that the only way
to protect oneself
from being hurt
is to be fucking
cold, heartless
and insensitive


people ask
why i'm
so quiet
i keep quiet
think to myself
and say nothing
why make a
hue and cry
about it?


if you don't
let me be
what i want to be
i will never be
what you want
me to be


over something
is not focussing
it's losing sight of
what it really is about

Write off

i want
to be a writer
so other people
can write about me
and i can stop
writing about myself


focus, focus, focus
focus, focus, focus
focus, focus, focus
everything else
is just distraction
focus, focus, focus
focus, focus, focus
focus, focus, focus

Buy Buy Charm

the worst thing
about charm
is when you know
how easy it is to
but don't ever
again want to
because you know
that any slut
can be bought
for a charm


caring for
the idea
of someone
is a good way
of imagining
one cares
for someone
the only person
one cares for
when one
cares for
the idea
of someone
is oneself

Saturday, August 26, 2006


less copy
is always
more than
you'll see
that's why

Blunderstand me

with other people
you don't have to try
to understand me
you will only end up
understanding me
when you try to
overstand me
don't wonderstand me

Child like

a child
allows me
to not do
the things
do and
shouldn't do
being a child
allows me
to do
the things
grown ups
should do


not responding
is sometimes
the best way
to respond
to something
that deserves
a response

The demeaning of love

i love it
when you
don't love me
because you
love me
when you
love me
because you
love me
you don't
love me

Nice Lee

it's nicer
to be
not nice
and say
is not nice
than try
to be nice
and say
something is
it's not nice

Buddha's bar

how can i resist
the desire to
desire nothing
but the desire
to desire nothing?

Inside story

if we were
allowed to be
the way we
wanted to be
we wouldn't be
what we could be
we are what
we are because
we can't be
what we are

Sentence construction

once i'm
done with my
prison sentence
all i will do
is write
for myself
for freedom
for naysayers
for love
for hate
for eternity
i wait
for that day

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto phuto!

you are dark
lonely, cold
you have no right
to be among us
warm, friendly
hospitable people
and so we heartlessly
coldly, mercilessly
scientifically eject you

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Note to Noer

Tom Waits may have said
you can't unring a bell
but you can drown it
by ringing another bell
louder, better, articulately
quickly and insistently
Noer, forget Tom Waits
you know what you gotta do

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A goad to Vishnu Vyas

while debating
larger, weightier
seriouser, profounder
issues of the day
like religion, politics
creationism, death
and matters alike
are we losing sight
of what it takes to
get through
the day to day
business of love
marriage, jobs
gender and
Michael Noer

An open letter

dear love
i want to
for being
so closed
i'm open
to being
love dear

You are not alone

when you have
to be alone
no matter how
difficult it is
it's easy being alone
what do you do
when you don't have
to be alone, are alone
and don't want to be alone

Conveyor belt

my job
is not
to think
too much
just do
is the way
to go
easy come
easy go
if not
will be a

The God of Evolution

if there is a God
he will be the first
to admit that he
couldn't have done it
without evolution
because God knows
we don't come into
this world the way
we are. we evolve
without evolution
our mothers wouldn't
be able to give birth

Briefly speaking

with so much
care and concern
you brief me
knowing fully well
that when it comes
down to the crunch
none of it will matter
because the client
is always king and us
not much more than
a fucking underling

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Unhappy Madrasi's Day

let's go out
drive our cars
pollute the air
litter the streets
forget the poor
get plastered
create a racket
consume crap
cheat people
fuck with autos
hate the bus
criticise something
buy a card
design a T-shirt
launch a webcam
float a banner
join the club
make an event
celebrate nothing
forget tomorrow
live for today
write a rant
do anything
make the most
do something
love the city?
it's a date
22nd August
Happy Madras Day

Mirror image

if you
don't care
how i look
it's because
you don't care
for my looks
much like
i do care
how you look
because i don't
care much for it

Writing matters

when you don't
know what to write
it's best to repeat
what you know
how to write
when you don't
know what to write

Oh God

if you think
idols will
drink milk
it's time
you checked
what you're
drunk on
blind faith
or plain greed
God help God
with people
like you
God knows
he can't help you

Softy board

whenever i'm sad
i look at my board
and see all the things
that make me alone
and then i smile
because i see
all the things that
remind me i'm not

Monday, August 21, 2006

Graphic novelty

does it take
pretty pictures
of unpretty things
to make us see
how unpretty
something is

do we need to
reduce 9/11
to a comic book
to magnify the
impact of 9/11

are we so
imprisoned by
images that we
can no longer
imagine what
the eye cannot see

Weaker sex

i know it takes
a strong man
to be celibate
i wonder though
does it take
a stronger man
to do what it takes
to not be celibate?

Reality TV

i dream
of a time
when i
can forget
the times
we are in

i pray for
the day
when it
won't matter
whom i
pray to

i remember
what a
fool i am
when i watch
the daily news

Mike testing

were you
good to me
because you
needed me
or were you
good to me
because i
needed you
or were we
good to
each other
because we
each other
and will we
be good to
each other
when we don't?

History lessens

they say
the truth is
and questionable
what does that
say about History?

Linkin Park

i link to you
not because
i read you
or because
i want you
to read me
but because
i'm hoping
i will be read
when people
look for you
on technorati
which is also
the reason
i mention
technorati. twice

India Shining

those who blindly propose
we're a hindu civilisation
should be well-informed
that the hindu civilisation
they so proudly tom-tom
is a rich sum total of
many other civilisations
the truth of the matter is
we're a hindu civilisation
because we're a lot more
than just a hindu civilisation
and that's what makes us
a truly great civilisation

The future of dreams

if a dream
is better
than the
real thing
aren't we
better off
if they don't
come true?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One two one

if we knew
the answer
to the problem
of being alone
there would be
no problem
being alone
but we don't
until we find out
that the answer
to the problem
being unalone
is being alone

The Copywriter

no matter what
i'll do as i'm told
just make sure
you pay me well
i sure don't want
to be doing this
when i get old
and if i sound like
a fucking whore
you're damn right
after so many years
in this business
the money is all
i care for any more

Single question

can you have
and solitude
without the
turning into

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mahim reek

when heads
are full
of shit
it doesn't
take much
to believe
that water
full of shit
is not

Suck it up

as a woman
if the only way
to get ahead
is to give head
then it's best
to use your head
and give head
after all, if men
control the world
it's best to know
what controls them

Repeat offender

it's happened before
and every time it has
i've promised myself
it won't happen again
and when it does
i promise myself
it won't happen
again, again

Ego bashing

if you're going
to leave me
all i can say
is please don't
not because
i want you
to stay
but because
i don't know
what i'll do
if you don't
then again
i do, so don't

The waiting game

how can you say
you love me
if you can't wait
to love me
how can you say
you love me
if you can wait
to love me

Why do I blog?

as a writer
when rejection
is all you've seen
and hope is like
a bitter has-been
the one thing that
can keep you going
is the pleasure derived
from instant publishing

Years today. Home tomorrow

if you
think about
when this
will be over
it will seem
like forever
so don't
think about
when this
will be over
think about
when this
will be over
we will be
together forever

Friday, August 18, 2006

Empty questions

do we have to
say i love you
every single day
to love each other
every single day

do we have to
remind each other
every single day
to remember
every single day

do we have to
be with each other
every single day
to be together
every single day

do we have to
question it
every single day
to know the answer
every single day

do we have to
be insecure
every single day
to be secure
every single day

do we have to
forget the future
every single day
because the past
refuses to go away

Note beta

baat suno beta
dubai mein hoon
prostitute hoon
advertising mein
nikalna hai
journalism into
help karoge
to fit hoga
nahi to
koi fight nahi
as always
good to touch base
baap ray baap
yeh kaisi kavita
kavita nahi beta
isse kehte hai
avi ki avita

Family ties

everything we're not
we're because of the family
everything we are
we're because of the family
we're the family
no wonder we feel so alone
without a family
not that we were ever
part of a family
doesn't make sense i know
much like our family

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ask and you shall not receive

let me be
and i'll be there
for you
dont ask
for everything
and you'll never
need anything
don't push me
and you'll never
have to push me
take care
of yourself
and i'll take
care of you
love me
love you

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The circle of love

i will be
to you
when you
show me
you are
strong enough
to be away
from me
and so
make yourself
so strong
that you are
no longer
to me
it's best
we're not
to each other
to be
to each other

Love actually

i want you
to show me
you can
be alone
for i believe
for us
to be lovers
we have to learn
to be alone

It's about you

when you
love somebody
too much
you're in love
with yourself
you might think
it's about somebody
you're right
it's about yourself

Monday, August 14, 2006

Save it

if we could
predict the future
it would be so easy
to live in the now
but we can't
predict the future
so we better
plan for it now

Hard love

if we could live on
love and fresh air
the world would be
a beautiful place
but we can't live on
love and fresh air
because the world is not
a beautiful place

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Together alone

that the only way
i see myself
being with you
is if you let me
be away
from you
till i figure out
the best possible way
i can
be with you
i do understand
the risk i run
of being away
from you
is that
you might not
want to
be with me
when i'm ready
to be
with you
are you with me?

Peace of my mind

i just want to be left alone
so i can think in peace
for a period of time
on how i can have fun
after i have done time

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Separation song

a few years of yearning
for a lifetime of loving
a few years of loneliness
for a lifetime of happiness
a few years of quietude
for a lifetime of doing
a test of strength
for the power of true love
here's to the journey
welcome to the trip

Friday, August 11, 2006


i'll keep it
short and simple
anything more
will take up
too much time
just wanted
to say i'm sorry
and love you
at these rates
a phone call
would be
nothing short
of a crime

Phone call

i'm blond
wearing little
and i'm here
only for you
your call
starts now
and will end
the day you
see me

Love bite

trust me
i want to be
with you
all the time
i just don't know
how to
i just don't know
what to do
what i do know
is life will be
and is
without you
i'm not done
much like
i hope
we never
will be

Love in the time of hollera

is it possible
to communicate

is it possible
to agree

is it possible
to begin

is it possible
to be away

is it possible
to love

if i knew
the answer
i wouldn't
be writing

Past present

i thought
therefore i was
i think
therefore i'm not
what i wanted to be
only what i've ended up as
a relic of the thinking past
a thougt less present
and an unthinkable future
i think
i wish i didn't
i thought
it's why i've become
what i didn't think
i'd ever be

No entry

i'll pay you the entry fee
and whatever else it takes
to mail it out
you decide
because i can't decide
i won't
because i already have
i'm afraid to
but not that afraid
to let you
enter for me
so i can forget
the number of times
i've been shown the door

No contest

another shot at
writing poetry
yet another contest
a chance to shine
become famous
to get out of the rat race
quit my job
even make some money
be recognised
be happy
and forget
the rejection
it's hard
to forget
the rejection
so let's just forget
the contest

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deja vu

in a world without strangers
why are there no friends?

in a world without boundaries
why are there so many walls?

in a world with so much sex
why is there no love?

in a world without vision
why is there so much to see?

in a world without humanity
why are there so many people?

in a world without strangers
why are there no friends?

in a world without boundaries
why are there so many walls?

in a world with so much sex
why is there no love?

in a world without vision
why is there so much to see?

in a world without humanity
why are there so many people?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Move it

the full stop goes HERE.
HERE is where the sentence starts.
a quick pause HERE for some thought.
Off we go to HERE for a pity diversion.
HERE's space for a breather
from HERE begins a pregnant pause.
which is why nothing goes HERE.
and HERE's the customary 3 dots.
Oops, forgot to put them THERE so HERE goes...
and HERE's where we look to wrap it up
thank you for travelling with me till HERE.