Saturday, September 30, 2006

Careless whisper

like i care
i do. so fucking
much that i won't
ever fucking show it
because when you
fucking show it
nobody cares
like i fucking care

Thursday, September 28, 2006


and then
i decided to
write a poem
with bro ken words
beautiful imagery
witty punditry
innovative forms
powerful moments
intimate exchanges
flowing thoughts
interesting asides
and nothing else

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Write to repeat

sometimes i write for sorrow
sometimes i write for the morrow
sometimes i write in pain
sometimes i write to stay sane
sometimes i write in desperation
sometimes i write for inspiration
sometimes i write in agitation
sometimes i write to meditate
sometimes i write to isolate
sometimes i write to get lost
sometimes i write to get cross
sometimes i write to be found
sometimes i write but no sound
sometimes i write to be heard
sometimes i write like a turd
sometimes i write to be fooled
sometimes i write to be unspooled
sometimes i write to be silenced
sometimes i write on an island
sometimes i write to hide
sometimes i write to feel pride
sometimes i write out of my skin
sometimes i write to prop up my chin
sometimes i write for money
sometimes i write for honey
sometimes i write to see funny
sometimes i write for himself
some day i will write for myself

Friday, September 22, 2006

Weak Lee

once a week
i tell myself
i'm going to
stop writing.
once a week
i tell myself
i'm going to
start writing.
punnily enough
i'm two weak.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In passing

if i didn't have a job
i'd have no friends
no future, no dreams
no tomorrow, no today.
it's why i have no friends
no dreams, no future
no tomorrow, no today
and no job. i only have
something i one day won't.

Friday, September 15, 2006


perhaps a tad esoteric
an ornamental beauty
singular if you care
a thingmajig with flair
riverine in it's flow
pithy for less is more
broken sans pretense
seminal but not dense
original like a first kiss
rare as a golden heart
less rhyme, no reason
a shoem for any season
tis' just an itsy word trick
we conjured up in a bit

Thursday, September 14, 2006

200 all out

200 times today
200 crazy visions
200 less to go
200 versions of feeling
200 rivers of futility
200 moments of insanity
200 fountains of hope
200 points of persistence
200 labours of love
200 takes unloved
200 cries of madness
200 bollocks of shit
200 minus punctuation
200 repeats of repetition
200 insides of vomit
200 outsides of insides
200 sides of an outsider
200 paragraph points
200 angry tirades
200 insults to poetry
200 dances of qwerty
200 whorish tries
200 useless whys
200 less to go
200 silly urges
200 short purges

Noted in response to 200 notes in desperation that some fool has purged here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grieve Irwin

we'll bug you
we'll bother you
we'll irritate you
we'll follow you
we'll film you
we'll poke you
we'll prod you
we'll watch you
we'l mock you
we'll invade you
and if you dare
do anything to us
we'll fuck you.
don't blame us.
you're only a
fucking ray
and we're only
fucking human.

Noted in response to a news item that noted that fans of Steve Irwin were killing sting rays to avenge his death.


ultrabrown is docile
ultrabrown is namaste
ultrabrown is fair & lovely
ultrabrown is spicy
ultrabrown is exotic
ultrabrown is America
ultrabrown is curry
ultrabrown is shit
ultrabrown is tea
ultrabrown is coffee
ultrabrown is macaca
ultrabrown is easy
ultrabrown is a cubicle
ultrabrown is green
ultrabrown is white
ultrabrown is black
ultrabrown is limited
ultrabrown is colour
ultrabrown is a colour
ultrabrown is coloured
ultrabrown is biased
ultrabrown is racist
ultrabrown is a POV
ultrabrown is a cliche
india is not ultrabrown

Noted in response to a site that tries to reflect the diversity that is India and, unfortunately, calls itself

Monday, September 11, 2006

For Little Miss Toughet

far, far away from a place called doggerel
in the little known kigdom of Poentry
lies the well hidden town of sloggerel
not a stopover for all and sundry

the rough path to this dense neck of the woods
is littered with shattered egos and hearts
cast aside for being inferior goods
futile pursuits composed by pompous farts

and then there came along a big spider
weaving a tortured web of love's labour
he shyly sidled up close beside her
with words in verse he hoped she would savour

leave me alone she cried before leaving
leaving him red, crestfallen and grieving

Sunday, September 10, 2006


don't remember 9/11.
remember what led to
9/11. remember what
needs to be done to
prevent another 9/11.
remember what is being
done to prevent another
9/11. remember what
happened before 9/11.
remember what has
happened after 9/11.
remember what is
happening after 9/11.
remember osama before
9/11. remember osama
after 9/11. remember
more osamas after 9/11.
remember Bush before
9/11. remember Bush
after 9/11. remember
Bush. remember every
single thing about 9/11.
remember satyagraha.
don't remember 9/11.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


you cannot do it like a long singsong
it cannot be two very very long
it cannot be without reason or rhyme
it can't be shot off in double quick time
it's better not to be too cynical
it better not be anything typical
it should not be terrible and boring
it should not leave people loudly snoring
it is best not to skip the little twist
it better not be like this he hissed
when you try to do it in one long line
it will just sound so very asinine
and if this is getting monotonous
i'll stop it and leave thou with the onus

Period piece

take care. of us.
she said.
working. on it.
love you.
said. i.


a sonnet cannot be written freely
because you must stick to the rules clearly
matters not what you say in which meter
just be sure it is in pentameter
slow down check and see if it is in rhyme
if in some doubt slip in a word of mime
in the middle, approach very slowly
now what is left is the volta only
not bad, so what if it kind of so sucks
so far so much is a sign of big nuts
keep on going, don't give up the jig fight
race to conclude this thing so trite
time now to kill the bee in my bonnet
and put an end to this bloody connet

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lauto Pluto

we may have been
heartless, scientific
cold and logical
to expel you
but, unlike you
we're sentimental
warm, illogical and
loving to want you.
that's the power of
humanity for you.
you don't love us
but we love you

Not working

when you spend half
your waking hours
at work, is it possible
to not let all the stuff
at work that shouldn't
affect you, not? what
do you do about work
when it's not working
for you, but when it's
the only thing you can
do so you don't have to?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Balls to kids

when my
asks me
whether i'm
incapable of
having kids
i tell her
you're right
i don't have
the balls to
have them

Country life

in instant times
like these, can you
be identified minus
your country, without
losing your identity?
who are you when the
easiest thing to know
you by is your country?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Two good

being popular
has less to do
with being good
and more to do
with being good
which probably
explains why i'm
unpopular. good

Silent music

to stay away from
people and keep
them out of my hair
i fill my head with
sounds of people
screaming their
heads off about
other people


when people say
stever irwin died
happily, i wonder
the only way you
can die happily
is if you die when
you're happy, but
when you are happy
you don't want to die

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Internal affair

sometimes i wonder
what if looks weren't
superficial and what
if the person inside
shone through and
showed on the outside
wouldn't this world be
an ugly face? thank God
for looks. God knows
we can't stand reality


it's very easy to
sympathise with
feel for and love
somebody else's wife
she is not your own

Kane unable

after thinking for a long
long time about rosebud
i thought for a little more
time until ended up feeling
rather unwell and told myself
why delve into a mind which
can only be likened to a
bottomless welles'


don't kill yourself
worrying about
fretting about
thinking about
moping about
scowling about
in a roundabout
people who are
out to get you
it will kill you

Saturday, September 02, 2006


the great thing
about munna bhai
is you don't have
to be munna bhai
to be a munna bhai
you just have to be
a little boy

Own Lee

if i decide
to be alone
i wouldn't be
able to do
the things
i only want
to do when
i'm alone

Happy Lee

thanks to you
i'm so happy
i'm afraid
to be happy
any more

True love

don't lie
because you
love someone
the truth of
the matter is
liars only love

Friday, September 01, 2006

Small talk

only when you learn
to control your tongue
will you ever be able
to talk about anything


while the internet
might well bring
people together
it does eliminate
the need to be
with people

One more thing

i've run out
of things to say
i've said so much
there's not much
left to say apart
from, nothing

Only human

never trust anyone
who tells you technology
can be trusted to make
this world a better place
and i'm not saying this
because you can't trust
technology but because
you can't trust humanity

Couple Dev

in your desperation
to be with anyone
please don't end up
making the mistake
of being with anyone

Let sleeping dogs lie

if you have to
lie to someone
to be with someone
what it truly means
is you don't have to
be with someone you
feel the need to lie to


i didn't mean to
write that to you
but i did mean
what i wrote you
it doesn't matter
what i write you
it matters what
i mean to write
know what i mean

Cry freedom

don't waste
your tears
there's nothing
to cry about
if it makes you cry
it's not worth it
think about it
it is. you don't
see it. you will

Bombay Talkies

it's impossible
it's living
it's dying
it's a potluck
it's more
it's more of the same
it's one big sore
it's a celebration
it's embarrassing
it's rich
it's starving
it's movies
it's a movie
it's a dream
it's reality
it's obnoxious
it's welcoming
it's a choice
it's a compulsion
it's a contradiction
it's a cliche
it's Bombay
it's Mumbai
it's forgettable
it's unforgettable
it's indescribable
it's incomplete
forget it. you can't


if you tell me
what's bugging you
i'll tell you what
shouldn't bug you
if you won't tell me
what's bugging you
i won't be able to tell
what's bugging you
i always tell you
what's bugging me
even if it bugs you