Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The parting shot

they hung out
talked crap
didn't shave
shot the breeze
went places
made love
dreamt dreams
decided no babies
joined greenpeace
got arrested
smoked pot
got arrested
reached for the stars
got arrested
counted the stars
got arrested
did nothing
got arrested
made plans
rode bicycles
wrote poetry
petitioned the PM
went to court
took back the 70s
vowed to stay true
to the cause
to each other
until it was time
for her to wake up
and get married
to a banker.
he shaved.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just say know

we made a happy couple
everything was in place
the future looked bright
until we started talking

i could read her mind
she could read mine too
it was a heady feeling
until we really could

the sex was awesome
any time was a good time
enough was never enough
until we'd seen it all

she was pregnant
i was overjoyed
the pleasure was all mine
until she said the baby wasn't

you're never sure
whether you want to
or you're better off not
until you know

note: 'world famous' poet maya is at it, again. her prompt: write about 'secrets' without mentioning the word.

Friday, August 19, 2005

to be...

theme of the week
a banked fire

tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
his obit read: alone

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


sitting on the floor
watching the rain
i try so hard
not to miss you

the exercise: express pain without using the word pain. brought to you by 'world famous' poet maya.

The cure

the ads urged him to buy
it turned out to be one big lie

the pharmacy gave him some aspirin
except, he hated any kind of medicine

the soul suggested he write
all he ended up was sounding trite

the rake said he needed to get laid
small problem, he was a tad too staid

the elders insisted he get married
all of which left him even more harried

the sum total of it all: he went insane
all because he couldn't mention the word 'pain'.

Attempt 2: The exercise put forward by 'world famous' poet maya where one has to write about 'pain' without mentioning it.

The wait

seconds turned to minutes
minutes to hours
hours to days
days to weeks
weeks to months
months to years
years to half a lifetime
half a lifetime to death
his obit read: unpublished

An exercise in 'Pain': the idea put forward by 'world famous' poet maya is to write a poem about 'pain' without using the word pain or any words like ouch! (ouch!)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Miss India

i craved the rivers
the variety
the colours
the intensity

and so i came back
to my lovely india
only to realise
it had turned into america

Take that!

it was love at first sight
they decided to get married
everything seemed just right
nothing to be worried

7 years later
it was time to take stock
things looked even better
the cynics were in for a rude shock

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Life is beautiful

expecting people not to be materialistic
is just being plain simplistic

seeking love without money
is for those who find tragedy funny

going through life smiling
is too bloody tiring

hoping for the best in a bad situation
is often the only option

expecting things to change for the better
is as passe as a hand-written letter

making poverty history
is all very fine in theory

taking on people in authority
is an exercise in futility

choosing to be an idealist
is only for the masochist

the idea of fucking
is what makes sex seem so elevating

a surefire way to live a life so depressing
is to spend it thinking

in case you're wondering about the first line
it's little more than a clever headline

that's right, my lad
you've just been had.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

History lessons

the exercise: thought of by 'world famous' rhyzer, james joyce, the idea is to say something funny about history in 6 lines.

a: Indian History
Riven by internal strife
Driven by misguided fools
Where conspiracy is rife
Fudged for children in schools
Peppered with trophy brides
And only confusion rules

b: American History
Built on a series of genocides
Worse than any of Saddam's homicides
Is the story of Modern America
That began with a notion of 'India'
Brought to you by that fool Columbus
Thus was born this marketing omnibus

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Packaged holy water

in a city with little water
in a country with dying rivers
in a land with no respect for nature
in a universe that chokes and sputters
in a globe that's going to the gutter
in a system that gives me the jitters
in a world where only the rich get richer
in a life peopled by callous critters
in a market made for the omnipresent consumer
in a channel driven by advertisers
no surprise that nirvana can be found
only in packaged holy water
sigh, what a bunch of nutters

note: this was an exercise where 'world-famous' poet maya gave us a 'prompt' - packaged holy water, and we had to come up with a poem. needless to say, the pathetic state of the world brought forth the above pathetic results. don't enjoy. there's nothing to.

White trashed

what is it about those faces
that makes it so easy to put us in our places

they do everything to keep us out
and yet, getting there is all we care about

we'll fall for all their bluster
sure, tell me it's got nothing to with colour

the easiest way to get a better life
so very simple, just become a green-card's wife

so what if we can't get into their security council
at least they allow us to be their stencil

making us believe we can be as big as china
fooling us into chasing a bloody chimera

hah! fools, this is all they want from us
reams of cheap code minus the fuss

hey, why the fuck am i complaining
probably because i was never into programming

the things we'll do for a little more money
if it weren't disgusting it would be funny

i know, you think i'm being silly
but remember, we buy the most fair & lovely

maybe it's something they eat
which makes our kind such easy meat

don't mind it, i'm just an angry writer
a mask behind which hides a bitter loser

Sunday, August 07, 2005

You so fit the profile

The only color is white
Nothing else is right
No, we’re not being racial
You just need is a quick facial
We’re sorry it’s not our fault
Get used to living in a vault
Resistance is futile
You so fit the profile

It’s your tan
Are you woman or man?
You don’t look like us
You’ve got no right to kick up a fuss
You middle name is suspicious
Our paranoia is not fictitious
Resistance is futile
You so fit the profile

You look un-Caucasian
It’s unfortunate you’re Asian or African
Yes, we have little basis
We’re just trying to make our land an oasis
Don’t make this ugly
All browns are the same to me
Resistance is futile
You so fit the profile

Are you here on pleasure or business?
What’s the length of your penis?
You look like that guy on TV
A definite threat to national security
Like the loser who serves me my Big Mac
Sorry dude, you’re going to have to go back
Resistance is futile
You so fit the profile

We gave them visas
They took us for a ride
We were made fools of
We can’t let the enemy inside
Better submit to our will
Swallow the bitter pill
Resistance is futile
You so fit the profile

The curse of imagination

the most beautiful pictures
are the one's you haven't seen

the deepest of meanings
are the ones you can't glean

the purest of hearts
are really not that clean

the most wonderful people
are never what they seem

the most cherished moments
are the ones in a dream

the most perfect face
is a recipe for a has-been

Happiness is a warm bum

when it comes to sex
here's what i think works best

use a condom if you have to
don't get pregnant unless you want to

hold on to that loaded gun
trust me, that's what makes it more fun

don't forget to work that tongue
it's a skill that often goes unsung

don't be shy to stoop and conquer
the perfect way to go down and thank her

personally, what i relish doing whenever i can
is to take her in the ass like an uncouth man

proof if ever was need, my friend
that i've well and truly gone round the bend

Instant Tamasha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lights! Camera! Action!
Scale the highest mountain
Kill a dozen people
Sing near naked under a fountain
Rant in a temple
Run around trees
Life is a breeze
Find a girl
Fall in love
Promise her the world
Watch the dream dissolve
Tie up the lose ends
Drive the audience around the bend
Three dead in violence
No power for a few days
A life full of incident
No wonder everyone in India prays
Or runs to films
No matter where what plays
Something for everyone
Even for the elitists
The down-market and common
Just so long as it makes the hit-lists
If not, there’ll always be another one
Copying films is so much fun
Forget your worries
Share our celluloid curry
Rip-off somebody’s story
A formula that’s nice and easy
For an escape from reality
And life in a crazy country
We’re the dream pashas
A kind of pusher
We create instant tamashas
And a world where nothing is kosher
Cut! Stop shot! Pack-up!

Happy Friendship Day

sorry, didn't mean to be facetious
what crap!
oops, didn't mean to be dismissive
it's all about marketing
damn, didn't mean to be cynical?
it's all about selfish needs
umm, didn't mean to be crass
it's a load of bollocks
gross, didn't mean to be abusive
it's a social construct
never mind, didn't mean to be abstruse
it's for fools
i better stop, didn't mean to be a downer
it's the start of a beautiful relationship
hahahahaha, guess i have no idea what it means
so i'll just fall back on the old cliche
and end with happy friendship day

Saturday, August 06, 2005


and only loneliness for company

Friday, August 05, 2005

the two sides of a butterfly

she looked at the beauteous creature
exclaimed, what a lovely creation
exquisite, delicate, magical
proof of god's existence

he was a science teacher
said it makes possible pollination
is little more than functional
and said please stop that cliched nonsense

they looked at each other
minds on either side of a partition
a situation so typical
that was getting unnecessarily intense

so decided
like the subject
to move on

The butterfly effect

no place for people
too many mouths to feed
care little for our women
driven solely by greed
kill honesty daily
watch fellowmen bleed
deal shamelessly in platitudes
consciences going to seed
live to serve our desires
care for caste, colour and creed
rape this dying planet
mediocrity is my breed
and activists with many missions
is what we need

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Ideal Husband

He kissed her in the morning
before she brushed her teeth

He served her her morning cuppa
before she asked for it

He had breakfast ready
before she stepped into the kitchen

He gave her space
before she was cramped for it

He even lifted the toilet seat
before she had to remind him to

He did everything she expected of him
before she expected it of him

He was the ideal husband
before they got married

The Writer

She takes the kitchen knife
rips out her heart
dips her brush
in the pool of blood
and paints the quilt of life

note: this was an exercise done by 'world famous' poet sivakami where we got 3 random words and we had to create something somewhat 'poetic' out of that in less than a minute. the three words i got to play with were 'quilt', 'dips' and 'he/she'. thank you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Don't ask me

a family affair?
a long nightmare?
a compromise?
a control device?
a sanction to fornicate?
a relationship that's legitimate?
a business proposition?
a societial restriction?
a bond that can free?
a convenient boundary?
a meeting of minds?
a long road that winds?
a human need?
sorry, i'm not married.