Sunday, October 29, 2006

Love Lee

at times i wonder
whether you wish
i'm like other guys.
and that's when
i want to tell you
i'm, unfortunately,
not like other guys.
it's why i'll never
take you for a ride.
or a fool. it's what
other guys do.
meanwhile, i think
my lucky stars for
being with a girl
who's not like other
girls. yours, mushy lee.

Systematic Lee

think of a plan
pull up a chair
sit yourself down
dig a deep hole
dive right in
line with words
consider an end
find the means
take it in steps
little by little
that's how you
come up with
a quick shoem.
enjoy responsibly.
now go practice.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mind's I

i thought it was about drugs
i thought it was about agents
i thought it was about looks
i thought it was about contacts
i thought it was about nationality
i thought it was about breaks
i thought it was about time
i thought it was about peace
i thought it was about inspiration
i thought it was about the market
i thought it was about timing
i thought it was about different
i thought it was about everything
except the one thing i think
it is about: writing. i think.

Writers' flock

first, i was shocked.
was it really you?
then, i checked
i was relieved.
it wasn't you.
until i realised
it was really you.
i congratulated you.
all the while thinking
why wasn't it me?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Prick Lee

when you waltz
in and out of the
room asking people
how they're doing
without waiting
to hear how they
might be doing,
i want to stick
my leg out, trip you
and then ask you
hey, how you doin?
without waiting to
hear how you doin

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sweet Lee

when people ask me
if i care for any of the
things life has to offer
my mouth spews vitriol
and i spit out viciously
abuse is what i peddle
care i don't for anybody
work, a bloody crapshoot
all hearts laced with bitter
memories best forgotten
the future, a dark hole.
then, with an ugly scowl
i proceed to longingly
indulge my sweet tooth

The road this travelled

i'd been waiting for this
this is just what i need
life will begin after this
this will be the end of it
it's time now to open this
hmm, so this is what it is
i knew this was coming
this, i'll learn to live with
just another rejection, this
this is not the end of this
guess this is a writer's lot
what a way, this, to live
i'd been waiting for this

Saturday, October 07, 2006


failure, shouting, silences
fight, hurt, argue, betray
breakdown, exploitation
emptiness, bullshit, stop
start, stop, start, stop, barf
suspect, somebody, nobody
ignorance, pain, feign, rain
moan, groan, atone, alone
chain, deign, wane, no gain
fuck you, fuck off, fuck up
fuck me, fuck all, fuck it.
guess all i want to say is
why fall in love if you can't
forget what love was about?
to forget what love was all about.

Two bad

i saw her
and said
to myself
what i
give for
one look
one smile
one drink
one dance
one hug
one kiss
one night
one fuck
one yes.
no. that's
how all
fuck ups

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Book building

the beginning
the book
the end
the climax
the romance
the break
the body
the break-up
the romance
the conflict
the body
the romance
the conflict
the romance
the body
the road
the fun
the sadness
the fun
the agony
the fun
the set-up
the road
the block
the setting
the tackle
the block
the road
the idea
the churn
the idea
the churn
the denial
the idea
the conflict
the end
the conflict
the boss
the job
the means
the end
the book
the beginning