Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mirror scrimmage

hey there
how's it going?
and you
how are we doing today?
you don't look so good
what's the matter?
is it him?
the guy next to you
is he bothering you
or is it the chappie behind you?
is he not letting you be?
ignore him
he normally goes away
try not to look at him
he's just craving for attention
see, i told you
he's gone
and so has the other guy
and the other guy
now there's just us
what are we?
that's a tough one
maybe we should ask them
guess we're not us
without them
don't worry
they'll be back
in time
look really hard
and you'll see
we're so many people
and so hard to see
we're we

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why you should marry me

I won't care whether you're fucking around
because everyone does

I won't insist we fuck each other
because nobody fucks me

I won't ask how much you love me
because nobody loves me

I won't be around to embarrass you
because i'm too embarrassed

i won't mind if you forget my birthday
because even i don't care to remember it

i won't spend all our money
because i'll be gone before it is

i won't make a fool of you or lie to you
because everyone does it to me

i will make it a perfect marriage
because every marriage is fucked up

Sad is the new happy

i'm sorry
for a lot of things
i wish i weren't the way i am
that said, i do not want to be
like anyone else
but i am sorry
maybe i'm a schizo
i really don't know what i am
just like i have no idea what poeple are
which is why i stay away from them
not that that makes me happy
nothing does

Expression less

vivid more than
anything else
is what i wanted to

Friday, July 28, 2006


Don't see
because what you see
is not
what you see

what you see
is what
the world wants you
to see
what you
want to see

what you can't see
because what you
can't see
is what you should see

you can't see
what you can't see
you can only see
what you want to see

don't see
it's the only way to


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Comfortably fucked

People talking boisterously
in a language I cannot understand

Air conditioning turned off
waking me in the middle of the night

Unpleasant smells emenating
from the world around me

A hard floor cushioned
by a sleeping bag to sleep in

Walking in the dark to take a piss
in a loo smaller than the human mind

Hiding from the inquisitive gaze of
people who have nothing better to do

Looking at dirty walls lined with
the unahppiness of past habitation

Cursing yesterday for the hellhole
that the present has deposited us in

Thanking my stars that I'm not in
Beirut, Haifa, Gaza or any place worse

The fucked up places I have to force myself to think of
for a little comfort in this fucked up place

Break up

You showed me your
I said
I'd never be able
to sit myself down and think
like you do.
I always end up writing
something tricky.
must be the time I
have spent playing games
in advertising.
Ah well, some things
are just hard to get out of the

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The deadline

10 days to go
Are we ready for it?
When is it going to come?
Will it be worse?
What are we going to do?
Can we cope?

5 days to go
Nobody cares
It's business as usual
More important things to do
No time to focus
It's not going to happen

Today is the day
It's so quintessentially Indian
To leave everything for later
There is no later
Tomorrow will be too late

It's raining
Here's my
It's time to cower


very nice
very bad
i tried a haiku
but couldn't
pull it

It takes two to tango

it's hard to write with zest
with a load on your chest

it's impossible to get along
without a bloody good bong

it's pointless to cruise
if you ain't go the blues

it's a bitch to grab some sleep
buried in shit neck deep

it's little more than maya
when hidden behind an abaya

it's not yet a sonnet
just a pesky bee in my bonnet

it was meant to be like noah's ark
guess am just shooting in the dark

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Noah's park

the pain of creation
the pleasure in death

the brevity of copy
the extravagance of art

the futility of expression
the satisfaction in silence

the battle to live
the quietude of existence

the beginning in the beginning
the end in the end

the complements in pairs
the differences in pairs

Saturday, July 22, 2006

miss management

doing some work, as usual
work shouldn't be work
should it?
if it is
it just doesn't work
work should make you forget
work should take you away
work should elevate you
from yet another shitty day
on this shitty planet
which it isn't
it's a lovely planet
it's all the people
that make it lonely
work doesn't keep me going.
it just makes me feel like a goner
miss chennai
miss the freedom of being in chennai
miss the company
miss not having the company
miss the solitude of myself for company
miss having only me to answer to
miss getting away from it all
miss coming home to it all
miss being at home
missed opportunities
that's the story of my life.
until now
which is later
miss you

Friday, July 21, 2006


how are you
where are you?
are you
still in india?
still with me
are you?
was wondering
about you
write to me
once in a while
will you.
take care
with love
from me
to you
thank you
from me
to you

Thursday, July 13, 2006

what do we do without syd

was he ever with us
did he listen
who did he listen to
can we be any lonelier
why do we live
do we live
what is it to live
it hurts to live
what do we do without syd
was he ever with us
did he listen
are you listening
are we listening
am i there
who am i
am i
who are we
me, me and me
what do we do without syd
are you listening
why are you listening
i'm not speaking
to you
you and
i don't care
because i care too much
do i
does he
did he
what do we do without syd
why live
when living is worse than death
why are we afraid of death
we are afraid of living
what do we do without syd
we're rogered